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Innecto Reward Consulting - Twenty years of insight

About you


About you


The demands on HR Directors have never been greater; increased competition and legislation, economic uncertainty, diversity and a more informed, globalised workforce continues to raise the profile of HR within the leadership of business.

More and more business leaders are elevating the HR agenda, recognising that HR are the key to gaining the competitive edge and delivering strategic and operational gains. But how does reward work in today’s agile world and how can HR break from a cyclical approach and become the lead for change?

We work with HRDs like you to help you deliver a greater impact on your organisational performance and let compensation push the message about the key drivers of the business. Working with an independent, specialist partner and benefitting from our extensive experience across industries, will provide you with the validation and reinforcement you need to ‘take your seat’ at the Board with confidence and present aligned, commercial solutions to business-critical challenges.

Our team of experts work with key stakeholders, both within and external to your HR function to facilitate the free flow of current, accurate and meaningful information that empowers your leadership team and enables faster and more proactive decision making.

We provide you with the freedom to lift your gaze and build a long-term reward and performance architecture that future-proofs your organisation. Intelligent, practical and commercial guidance will allow you to implement efficient processes in order to attract, develop, engage and retain your top talent.

Choosing to partner with Innecto is choosing a safe pair of hands. In the last year alone, we have been the first choice and trusted partner to over 100 companies. Our commitment to excellence runs throughout our service delivery; we’ve been in your shoes and know what is required to successfully land your project. Our solutions are bespoke and designed to your specific needs and importantly, the team you meet are the team who will fulfil your project, we’re accountable and we care!

By helping you navigate through a complex, legislation bound landscape and providing you with the insight and analytical capabilities to provide accurate projections and meaningful metrics we will cement your position as a strategic partner to your business.