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Category: Bonus


Myth-busters 2023: Tackling common misconceptions in pay and reward

Bonus | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting | Flexible working | Salary survey | Recognition | Pension | Remote Working | Thought Leadership

We asked our consultants and analysts to raise some common misconceptions and explain where they think misunderstandings may lie.

Posted by Sarah LardnerJustine WoolfSarah NashSpencer HughesCathryn Edmondson on
03 February 2023

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How to maximise the value of bonus and commission schemes

Bonus | Commission

As with most things in HR, careful planning is at the root of driving efficiency in bonus and commission schemes. Only by putting the right amount of thought into designing schemes can they provide a continuous, circular benefit to employee and employer rather than an annual start-stop-restart train ride. This same planning should also ensure that employees are measured, tracked and communicated to in the right ways, and that you keep things as efficient and streamlined as possible, both in your policies and in your corporate governance.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
16 December 2022

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How to distinguish between bonuses and recognition and ensure both are valued

Bonus | Recognition | Reward

There is a distinct difference between a one-off reward and the steady drip-feed of recognition. Each carries different incentives, drives different behaviours and comes into its own at different times. Here we examine the key differences and how you can reach the holy grail of having them work together in perfect harmony.

Posted by Spencer Hughes on
21 October 2022

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Ways to use LTIPs and alternative incentives to immediate pay rises

Bonus | LTIP | Pay Review

With many organisations deferring, reducing, or cancelling planned pay reviews this year, some employees may be left wondering how their employer will show them that they continued to be valued. Justine Woolf suggests alternative ways organisations can show appreciation to their employees when bonuses and pay rises aren't viable.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
15 October 2020

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Three considerations when setting employee performance targets, pay and bonuses in a volatile market

Bonus | Long Term Incentives | Performance Related Pay | Pay Fairness | Pay & Reward | Reward Strategy

How do you balance doing the right thing by your employees in terms of bonus and commission when business performance is not where you expected it to be? This is a hard question to answer and there will not be one approach that works for every business. However, there are questions all businesses can ask themselves to help navigate the challenges with performance targets and variable pay.

Posted by Cathryn Edmondson on
19 August 2020

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The impact of bonus and variable pay on morale and engagement

Bonus | Motivation | Employee engagement | Engagement | Covid-19

As we are now seeing lockdown lifting, albeit gradually, many workplaces are getting back to some kind of normality, are bonus expectations set to come back? Mark Macoun looks at how the pandemic has influenced bonus payments, and suggests ways you can boost morale and engagement when budgets are tight.

Posted by Mark Macoun on
06 July 2020

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Paying for performance in the not-for-profit sector: Part 2

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Reward Intelligence | Employee communications | Pay trends | Recognition

This week Justine Woolf presents Part 2 of her How-To on performance-based pay in the not-for-profit sector. She looks at how to decide if it's right for your organisation and if so, how to make it a success.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
12 May 2020

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Paying for performance in the not-for-profit sector Part 1

Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Pay & Reward | Pay Structure

Those of you working in the not-for-profit sector will recognise the dilemma of paying for performance and whether it’s something your organisation should do or not. Justine Woolf looks at the concerns around introducing paying for performance that are unique to the not-for-profit sector and how they impact the options available. 

Posted by Justine Woolf on
05 May 2020

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Coronavirus: innovative ways employers can adjust pay and contracts to save jobs

Pay Transparency | Bonus | Reward Intelligence | Pay & Reward | Commission | Flexible working | Sales Bonus | Skills based pay | Reward Strategy | Pay Review | Financial Wellbeing | Covid-19

Many businesses right now are in survival mode, as the spread of the Coronavirus causes economic disruption akin to the 2008 financial crash. So, what are companies doing? Sarah Lardner takes a closer look at the steps business are taking to secure their business for the long term.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
28 April 2020

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Does your sales bonus scheme still work in challenging times?

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Motivation | Sales Bonus | Covid-19

Many companies are stuck between having to pay out sales bonus without results, or having to furlough these employees and removing their earning potential. Sarah Lardner explains how to make your sales bonus scheme agile enough to help your business through the Covid-19 situation.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
21 April 2020

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Planning for the Other Side

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Pay & Reward | Communications | Salary survey | Recognition | Reward Strategy | Pay benchmarking | Pay Review | Covid-19

Senior Reward Consultant Emer Bucukoglu explains why now is the time to take a considered approach to reward, review your current reward strategy and policies and explore smarter, more agile reward solutions.

Posted by Emer Bucukoglu on
09 April 2020

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3 steps to building a transparent and fair bonus policy

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Motivation | Analytics

Sarah Lardner's guide to designing a bonus scheme that works for business leaders and employees has three key stages: Exploration, Analysis and Develop. Read more...

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
28 January 2020

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